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Our interactive tours bring the best of Gay Las Vegas to your mobile device. Featured guides include Eating Out, Bottoms Up, InstaVegas, and more! 

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Whether you’re a local or tourist, we always feature our favorite spots along with all the new and exciting things our city has to offer.

Our cover this week features Jessica Alves. Prior to her transition, she was often referred to as a human Ken doll. Read about her journey and catch her this Sunday at GLAM.

Pride Month is here, and we’re keeping track of all the swag, merch, cocktails, and ally companies. Virgin Hotels has specialty cocktails that support AFAN, House of Blues will contribute a portion of sales to The Center, and just add sprinkles to a Shake Shack shake to support PFLAG.

GLAM returns this Sunday with a special PRIDE Edition that you won’t want to miss.  Pull out all your rainbow gear and meet us on the roof!