The QVegas People with Pride list returns this year, where QVegas celebrates our 44th year as part of Las Vegas LGBTQ+ history. This year we are proud to honor these 44 individuals and couples who embody the spirit of Pride and are integral to our vibrant community.

Join us Sunday, October 9th from 11am to 5pm at the Palms Pride Pool Party.



  • Eric Abram & Kevin Heward
  • Chris Adams
  • Sy Bernabei
  • Elaina Bhattacharyya
  • Kenneth Blake
  • Gary Brewer & Kristopher Minnich
  • Brian Chinn
  • Ricky Cornish
  • Anthony Cortez
  • Tom D’Angora
  • Chelsea Dalley
  • Dani Dawson
  • Tim Evans
  • Ariel Everitts
  • Jason Flatt
  • Freddie Godinez & Alexander Stabler
  • John Good
  • Derek Guerrero & Jim McCoy
  • Joe Harter
  • Troy Heard
  • Bill Janisse
  • Mindy Kay & Kris Kay
  • Christopher Kenney & Jamie Morris
  • Brian Knudsen
  • Kevin & Emily Lepine
  • Norman J. Liverpool
  • Cassandra Martinez
  • Jim McMichael
  • Skye Miles
  • Samantha Palaggi
  • Steve Petersen
  • Billy Piero
  • Sabrina Richmond
  • Victor Rodriguez
  • Andy Romero
  • Andrew Ryan
  • Rob Schlegel
  • Robin Slonina
  • Jazarri Smith
  • Jamie Lee Sprague
  • Joven Teves
  • Justin Tyme
  • L.A. Walker
  • Sylvia Welsh

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