STANDOUT: Professional Coach Jonathan Beal Changes Lives

By Vic Gerami

What do you get when you combine Tony Robbins, Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle and a lot of charisma? An Englishman living in Spain, helping top professionals all over the world, named Jonathan Beal.


So why are industry giants, business leaders and type-A individuals choosing Jonathan Beal over reading a self-help book or watching a coach on YouTube? According to his clients, he changes lives, leads people to success and does it by addressing the root cause of people’s obstacles, challenges and repetitive bad habits.


I wanted to interview Jonathan because I am always looking to improve myself, dig deep and follow the guidance of someone impartial who wants me to succeed. Plus, who doesn’t need some extra help with various aspects of their life?


‘The life coaching that I offer is actually a deep journey of self-discovery and vulnerability that will help you discover how to love yourself. It will help you to have confidence in who you are deep down, build a support network that enhances your life, and lift you to heights you previously couldn’t have imagined’


VG: Tell me a bit about your background, both personal and professional.


JB: Where to begin, I’ve always been passionate about people, honesty, fairness and living with integrity, and I think this has shaped most of my adult life both personally and professionally.