Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen to Kiki in Vegas

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Join Cohen and Cooper for an unscripted, uncensored and unforgettable night of conversation. The late night talk show host and the journalist, longtime friends, interview each other and take questions from the audience. It’s a live, interactive look behind the scenes of pop culture and world events.

After 3 1/2 years and 50 cities, Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen are bringing their show to the Fabulous Las Vegas Strip for the first time. “It’s basically like going out to the bar with me and Anderson and we tell everyone stories that we would never tell on TV or in mixed company,” says Cohen.  Audience members can join the duo, sipping cocktails and listening to the two tell their most outrageous stories. There’s guaranteed to be a lot of laughs and surprises. “We are super excited to come to Las Vegas because it’s always super fun, anything can happen, and it’s always a party!” added Cohen.

“Anderson and I met over 25 years ago on what was supposed to be a blind date. Nothing really ever happened besides the initial phone call, but we became great friends,” Cohen says with a chuckle. Audiences can expect to hear some stories about all the crazy and meaningful things that have happened since the very beginning.

Both Andy and Anderson started their careers in Journalism. Since QLife just returned from the NLGJA conference, we wanted to know how being an LGBTQ journalist has changed over the last few decades. “Listen, I’m old so I have seen things change for the LGBTQ community that I would have never imagined. I never thought we would have marriage equality. I think our stories have just become more of a part of the national conversation than they were before.”

For our young readers interested in becoming a journalist, Andy has some advice for you. “Write as much as you possibly can. Keep writing until you have your voice. Don’t give up. If this (journalism) is your passion then don’t give up. Always follow your passion.”

We notice that Cohen said write, so we asked his thoughts about the popularity of video and audio today. “It all comes down to the word at the end of the day, so yeah, I think it’s still important to write.”

Vegas is a melting pot of so many different people, so we wanted to know what content the audience should expect. “We will talk about current events and what’s been happening in our lives, but we don’t get too political. It’s like having a front row seat to world events, pop culture, and the great stories behind those things.”

“It’s a great night. A lot of laughs. It’s intimate. You will see Anderson in a whole new light. He is so funny and I think people will be surprised by how loose and funny he is.”

We had to ask if there was ever going to be a Real Housewives of Las Vegas. Cohen responded, “you never know. There sure is a lot of drama in that town.” Well, that sure is the truth!

What’s next for Cohen? He told us to be on the lookout for a new show he’s producing called Play by Play, “It’s like The View, but an all-male roundtable that talks about Bravo.”

You can catch Cohen and Cooper on October 26th at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Visit for tickets.