The digital publication model is broken.

We fixed it.

Print media has limited real estate. Publishers have to balance content and advertising to create an appealing product for consumers, while satisfying the needs of advertisers. Far-front/right-read becomes meaningless on a web page, and the value of the coveted back cover ad evaporates in an online flipbook.

Meanwhile, bloggers and websites fill their pages with as many ads as possible, hoping for a stray click to generate pennies in revenue—praying for an intentional tap to generate conversions.

Our advertising model is simple. We have one affordable ad size. You submit a full page ad, we take care of the rest. Successful ads focus on the brand, not the click.

Why? Because out of all the ads our readers see on the hundreds of sites they visit in any given week, we’re not gambling on the off chance that we’re the lucky site that converts our visitor to your customer.

We build brand awareness and brand loyalty for you. We connect you to our readers, just like traditional media. Only we measure it like no one else can.

Ad Specs

Your ad is seen across web, social, mobile, email, flipbook, downloadable PDF, and print-on-demand. Our digital imaging technology automatically optimizes your ad for each delivery size, so you only have to worry about ad size.

Our analytics system measures true impressions and clicks for you, providing you with what we refer to as your Total Digital Impression (TDI).

We also support popular ad and tag management systems that work with your in-house reporting.

Full Page Ads

We only have one size ad—full page. Ads run for a calendar month and are placed in web, social, email, flipbook, downloadable PDF and print-on-demand versions of QLife. Artwork is due by the 27th day of the month prior to publication.

Event Flyers

Event flyers appear for up to 21 consecutive days in web and social versions. Depending on insertion date, event flyers may also appear in email versions. Event Flyers can be placed any time. They take 1-2 business days to process.

Social Boosts

Reach our extended social media audience on Facebook or Twitter with social boosts. You pre-pay the Facebook or Twitter lifetime budget plus a 30% premium and we’ll boost your ad to our social followers. The lifetime budget must be pre-paid, but your point balance can be applied to the 30% premium. Plus, you’ll earn points for the total spend.

Email Blasts

Reach our growing database of readers through dedicated email blasts.

Social Media Posts

We’ll share your post or event to our network of over 50,000 social media followers.

Directory Listing

Publish your business in our online directory that’s been optimized for SEO and social media.

You get points for hotels, airlines, and coffee.

Why not advertising?

When you advertise with QLife, you earn points for every dollar you spend. Use your points right away for instant savings, or bank them for future use.

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Get a full page ad for as low as $500 per edition, per month

You earn points and miles on hotels, airlines, and coffee. Why not advertising? Our new QLife Points program helps you budget media buys while rewarding loyal advertisers. You’ll earn bonus points with every point purchase and every ad insertion. Accumulate points for free email blasts or social media posts, or apply your points to future advertising.

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  • Earn 4x Points through March
  • 2000pt
  • 1000pt
  • 1pt/5 email addresses
  • 600pt
  • 800pt
  • Earn 4x Points through March

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