Jack Tracy's Monster Hit

The 'History' Actor Steps Up To The Mic at NYC's Popular Downtown Club This Weekend

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It’s no secret the latest music single from the out web series actor Jack Tracy was intended to be a sexually explicit.  “I think mainstream representations of gay love often cut around the actual sex in order to make us more palatable to straight audiences,” he says.  He'll perform “Wherever You Are," along with other singles from his Older ep, at Monster (80 Grove St)  this Saturday.

Like most of his music, “Wherever You Are” is intensely personal and graphic, however where his usual tracks are upbeat dance numbers, this one is a ballad with a sound that sits somewhere between Prince’s “Dirty Mind” and Janet Jackson’s “Anytime, Anyplace”. 

The music video turns up the kink factor with Tracy appearing nude and in bondage gear.   “As a teenager, I was the kid who kept his shirt on at the beach.  I have always hated my body.  Even now, I pick myself apart in the mirror at least once a day for not being thin enough.  It’s something I’m working on; and part of that is by pushing my own boundaries. Trust me, there is no one more scandalized by my nudity in this video than me, but Bambi’s gotta start walkin’ sometime, you know.”

That’s not to say “Wherever You Are” is all about sex.  There’s an important underlying message to the song that takes center stage in the music video.   He uses the opportunity to reflect on the times he has been harassed by straight men on the streets of New York and also manages to pay homage to the drag community because, he says, “They have historically been the true militants of the gay rights movement.” 

Jack Tracy is the founder and owner of Necessary Outlet, a film production company that produces LGBTQ web series including History, a show that stars Tracy as a 30-something gay lawyer.  The third season is due out early next year.

Jack Tracy’s first full-length film, Snowflake, is circulating the festival circuit, and was recently named a semi-finalist in the Los Angeles Film Awards.  Born out of his frustration from the 2016 US election, the film tells the story of a group of gay men and their friends and how they deal with a looming threat to LGBTQ rights spawned by a recent presidential election.

“Beyond politics, my hope for ‘Wherever You Are’ is that it inspires awareness and ultimately, encourages people to step in and help someone in trouble, rather than record it on their phone. Every single one of us in today's LGBTQ community is a politician, an ambassador, an activist and backup.  We have to be.”

Jack Tracy’s “Wherever You Are” is available on iTunes, Spotify, and all major digital platforms.