How to Keep Busy During The COVID-19 Quarantine

Everyone is learning a new phrase this month, “Social Distancing”, and how to cope with the lack of human interaction. It turns out, self-quarantining and staying away from people for weeks and possibly months at a time will take a toll. Who knew, millennials actually enjoyed human contact. 

You may feel like you’re being driven up the walls, going stir-crazy, and struggling to figure out how are you going to spend the countless hours, days, and weeks ahead. A quick breeze through social media has shown that people have found all kinds of amazing ways to ride out this storm. 

If you are one of the non-creative types or have completely blown through every single activity there is to do in your home, have no fear, HomoCulture has a whole list of interesting things to try.

Gay Activities to Do at Home:

Watch gay tv

If you haven’t gone through the entire treasure trove of gay tv already, now is the time to start. Immersing yourself in other people’s lives and dramas is one of the best ways to make time pass by. Read more.

Get to spring cleaning

This is the perfect opportunity to do your spring cleaning. Your quarantine space should be as clean as possible anyway. Get started now. It will make you feel safe and secure to know that you’re living in a pristine environment while viruses rage everywhere outside. Read more.

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Bake things

Baking is a great hobby to pick up if you haven’t managed to do so already. If you live in Canada, or a green state, you can take your baking to a whole new level and make magic brownies, which will help lose yourself in time and space. Read more.

Do Crafts
Have you ever wondered how your friend ends up knitting a gigantic scarf that’s fifty feet long? It’s because they got trapped inside for a ridiculous amount of time. Now is the time for you to work on your own crazy long scarf, his and hisneedlework, or amazing multicolored boa. Read more.

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Learn to Bartend
You’ve been inspired by our Cocktail of the Week program to become an amazing mixologist, capable of wowing our friends and family. What better way to spend this quarantine than coming out of it as the ultimate host of the gay cocktail party. Read more.

Start working on that Summer bod
A summer body isn’t made in the summer. It’s a year-round commitment. Spring is the time to shed winter bulk and lean out. With everyone cooped up, people are going to be ready to hit summer with a frenzy. This is not the time to sit at home, watch TV and drink yourself to sleep. Spend this time making your body look on point with home workouts, so you can hit up every circuit party and Pride event that has been rescheduled and reap the benefits. Read more.

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Start an online game with friends
Thanks to the power of the internet, we don’t’ have to be alone, just because we’re alone. This doesn’t mean have long strange chats with Alexa. Stay in and play some games with your friends. If video games aren’t your thing, try role playing, board games, and puzzles. Read more.

Plan the next great gaycation
Flights and hotels will be clamoring for your business when the pandemic is over. There are deals are popping up all over the place as well, so this is a great time to plan a gaycation, for late 2020. Plan your ultimate trip, since you’re going to have nothing but energy when this quarantine is finally over. Read more.

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