Watch This Amazing Troupe of Drag Flamenco Dancers

Choreographer Manuel Liñán leads six other performers in a flamenco performance called VIVA! The costumes, the energy, and the artistic traditions make it a perfect fit for drag.

The other performers are Manuel Betanzos, Jonatán Miro, Hugo López, Miguel Heredia, Víctor Martin, and Daniel Ramos.

Via the New York Times:

Flamenco being what it is — a centuries-old music and dance that developed out of the collision of cultures in southern Spain — what follows is as surprising as it is refreshing. A performance executed entirely in drag, by Mr. Liñán and six extraordinary male dancers, wearing colorful dresses and the fringed shawls known as mantones, hair done up with peinetas (decorative combs) and flowers. While one dances, the others accompany with songs, exhortations and palmas, the rhythmic clapping of hands.

Check out his Instagram for some great shots of the gorgeous costumes:

Instagram Photo
Instagram Photo

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(Image: YouTube / Manuel Liñan – Peineta Producciones, via New York Times:)

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By Andrea James

2 years ago

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