#AM_Equality Tipsheet: March 19, 2020


PRESS CALL TODAY -- HRC TO DISCUSS PASSAGE OF FIRST-OF-ITS-KIND ANTI-TRANSGENDER LEGISLATION IN IDAHO: HB 500 is a discriminatory anti-transgender bill that would bar transgender women and girls from participating in sports consistent with their gender identity. Additionally, the legislature has passed HB 509, which forbids transgender Idahoans from changing their gender marker on birth certificates to match their gender identity (read more from Keith Ridler (@kridler) at Associated Press). These bills are heading to Governor Brad Little for his signature. HRC stands in opposition to this legislation and is asking Gov. Little to veto them.

  • The call will be held today, March 19 at 11:00 a.m. ET. Interested media can RSVP to press@hrc.org for call-in information.

COVID-19 CREATED DISRUPTION FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS ACROSS THE U.S., LGBTQ STUDENTS TO FACE CHALLENGES AND DIFFICULTIES: As millions of students see their lives turned upside-down by a global pandemic, LGBTQ students are facing additional challenges. “I rely on this institution for my therapy, for medical treatment, and my whole support system is on campus,” said Reed Cooper, a 20-year-old junior attending DePauw University. More from Katelyn Burns (@transscribe) at Vox

1/ #COVID19 has caused unprecedented disruption for college students across the U.S. Many colleges and universities are shutting down the campus completely -- asking students to leave and/or not return after spring break.https://t.co/rXMu5oB7fA

— Human Rights Campaign (@HRC) March 17, 2020


“I see you. You see me.”

To mark #BiHealthMonth, @HRC is proud to honor @EvanRachelWood, a longtime advocate and voice for the bi+ community. pic.twitter.com/A7JkbaaXUs

— Human Rights Campaign (@HRC) March 18, 2020

HRC JOINS OVER 100 ORGANIZATIONS IN OPEN LETTER TO MEDIA AND HEALTH OFFICIALS ON INCREASED RISK OF COVID-19 TO LGBTQ POPULATIONS: “As the media and health communities are pushed into overdrive about COVID-19, we need to make sure the most vulnerable among us are not forgotten,” notes Dr. Scout, the Deputy Director for the National LGBT Cancer Network in the open letter. More from The Bay Area Reporter. 

COVID-19 LEAVES LGBTQ SENIORS VULNERABLE TO ISOLATION AND LONELINESS: More from Philip Van Slooten (@P_VanSlooten) at the Washington Blade

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THE ADVOCATE INTERVIEWS ACTOR THEO GERMAINE ON THE BEAUTIFUL VARIETY OF TRANS AND NON-BINARY STORYTELLING: With breakout roles in Netflix’s The Politician and Showtime’s Work in Progress, actor Theo Germaine (@TheoGermaine) shows two vastly different approaches to trans storytelling on TV. More from Jeffrey Masters (@jeffmasters1) at The Advocate


DIANA ZURCO TO DEBUT AS ARGENTINA’S FIRST TRANSGENDER NEWS ANCHOR: “It is an invitation to society that says: ‘This is me; behind me there are more people like me who want to express themselves,’” Zurco (@DianaZurco) told AP on her trailblazing role. More from The Associated Press.

OVER 140 LGBTQ COUPLES MARRY IN COLLECTIVE WEDDING IN MEXICO CITY: More from Andalusia Knoll Soloff (@Andalalucha) on NBC.

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LGBTQ Nation recognizes LGBTQ nurses fighting the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide; Austrostraddle shares 42 Hulu streaming shows featuring lesbian and bisexual+ women; Forbes on queer jazz singer Samantha Sidley (@samanthasidley) and her debut album 

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