Wrestler Marries BF + Gay COVID-19 Greeting + Trump's Racist Coronavirus Fallback + Sanders Reassessing + RIP Kathy Griffin's Mom + MORE — 12-PACK

ABOVE: It's okay to go out, within reason.

BELOW: Keep reading for a wrestler marrying his boyfriend, Trump insisting on being a racist douchebag, a hilarious way for gay men to say hello during the COVID-19 scare and more ...

Parrow-gay-wrestler-marriage-lgbt-lgbtq-boycultureThey did! (Image via Instagram)

GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: Pro wrestler marries his boyfriend.

OMG.BLOG!: Hilarious — how gays must greet each other during the coronavirus crisis:

PEOPLE: Racist attacks against Asian Americans on the rise thanks to Trump's trumpeting of coronavirus as “the Chinese Virus.” Meanwhile, he has botched the U.S. response so badly it should be called “the Trump Virus” — and it's ruined our economy so handily it's got Republicans hustling to send us checks.

GAY FLESHBOT: Andrew Rannells naked in scene with real-life Tuc Watkins.

VOX: Sen. Warren wants wall money to go toward combatting coronavirus.

TRUE CRIME DAILY: The coronavirus crisis got one guy's death penalty delayed.

DLISTED: Sophie Trudeau probably gave Idris Elba coronavirus. (Thank God there was no social media when AIDS emerged.)

HUFF POST: Sanders, drubbed by Biden in Florida and other key states, is assessing his campaign.

GR8ERDAYS: Irene Cara is 61! More b'days at the link.

QUEERTY: Virulently anti-gay Democratic congressman Dan Lipinski got primaried — and was defeated! Bye, bitch.

KENNETH IN THE (212): How will he maintain those things in hibernation?

EXTRATV: Maggie, Kathy Griffin's colorful mom, died on St. Patrick's Day of Alzheimer's disease. She was 99.

Senators who voted no on the coronavirus relief package are all Republicans:
Marsha Blackburn
James Inhoffe
Ron Johnson
James Lankford
Mike Lee
Rand Paul
Ben Sasse
Tim Scott of SC

— Kelly O'Donnell (@KellyO) March 18, 2020

TWITTER: Rand Paul, who held up and then voted against the coronavirus relief package, refers to immigrants as “non-people”:

WATCH: @RandPaul calls immigrants without social security numbers "NON-PEOPLE”pic.twitter.com/D3QjtaaZJ5

— The Tennessee Holler (@TheTNHoller) March 18, 2020
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