7 Essential Modern Kitchen Gadgets Gay Men Are Loving

Stocking your kitchen with equipment can be overwhelming. Walking into a kitchen supply store is a recipe for choice overload because there are way too many options to choose from. But things can be made much easier if you just pay attention to the essentials. Here are the 7 most important items every gay man needs to have in their kitchen.   

A blender is a must have for any kitchen. There are many different things you can do with a good blender, from making margaritas, and protein smoothies, to making soups and dips. It is one of those fabulous multipurpose tools that you will use over and over again. Make sure to invest in a good blender that has variable speeds and can crush solid materials like ice. Summer is on its way and you’re going to be feeling the need for blended drinks before you know it.


Avocado pitter
This item is more oriented towards the millennial gays, as that generation loves avocado toast, right? Because of its fantastic health benefits, the avocado is one of the most popular fruits at the moment, and it just makes things simple to have a tool to help you remove the pit and slice it up. If you’re planning on making margaritas in your fabulous blender, you’re going to want guacamole to go along with it. 

Wine opener
No one can go without a good wine bottle opener. There’s nothing more frustrating than failing to uncork a wine bottle properly. A broken cork can severely delay a good time, so why not avoid that mess and keep a good wine opener on standby. For extra points, buy a dual wine bottle and beer bottle opener so you have all your bases covered. 

wine key

Eating well and keeping healthy is about having the correct foods and equipment on hand. But fresh fruits and vegetables and a juicer to extract all of their essence out of them. A good glass of carrot juice in the morning can serve as a really quick and easy breakfast that is also healthy. 

Chef’s knife
No kitchen is complete without a chef’s knife. It’s the staple of every kitchen because it can be used to prepare just about anything. If you’re going to invest heavily in anything, this is it. It is worth visiting a specialty store to make sure you find the best knife that is most suitable for yourself. Make sure it is carbon coated stainless steel so that it stays sharp as long as possible.

Cutting Board
You can’t have a chef’s knife without the cutting board. There’s a debate between wood and plastic cutting boards, and we’re here to tell you to forget plastic and stick to wood, hardwood specifically. Hardwood resists bacteria better than plastic cutting boards, especially when you treat it with mineral oil on a regular basis. Cutting boards also make for great plating surfaces. You can slice up some fruits, cheese, charcuterie, and vegetables, and serve them right on the cutting board for a delicious charcuterie board, and your food will look like it was served by a pro caterer. 

A set of low-ball glasses
If you can only buy one set of glasses, buy low ball glassware; the kind you see used to serve whiskey at the bar. These are great multipurpose glasses. You can serve spirits, cocktails, wine, and juice out of them, and it will always feel like you picked the right glass for the job. If you don’t want to buy lowballs consider mason jars – they work much in the same way. 

Once you have all of these items, you will be completely ready to take care of yourself and even host a fantastic brunch for you and your friends. 

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By Brian Webb

3 years ago

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