More Prides cancel or postpone because of coronavirus

Pride events around the world have started to cancel or postpone in response to coronavirus.

Already last week saw Bucharest Pride in Romania cancel and Los Angeles and Miami Beach Pride in the US postpone. Meanwhile, the Florida LGBT+ resort of Fort Lauderdale also had to postpone its first ever Pride of the Americas in April.

Now a host of other events have cancelled or postponed in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Sweden and beyond.

In Manila, the capital of the Philippines, One Big Pride in March has cancelled. Meanwhile, Trans Pride Scotland in the UK, also due in March, has also cancelled.

‘A large number of Prides will announce in the coming days’

Steve Taylor of the European Pride Organizers Association (EPOA) continues to support Prides wrestling with how best to manage the coronavirus outbreak.

He said: ‘A large number of Prides are awaiting clarification on their governments’ positions in relation to mass gatherings, and how long bans will remain in effect.

‘We anticipate a large number of Prides will make announcements in the coming days.’

Taylor was one of the organizers of a conference call which brought together Prides from around the world to discuss COVID-19 last Monday (9 March).

The meeting heard that postponing or cancelling Prides may be financially difficult and could lead to some organizations closing. EPOA urged organizers to think of the impact on their sponsors and suppliers and to develop contingency plans.

What Prides have cancelled or postponed?

EPOA says the following Prides have been cancelled:

One Big Pride, Manila, Philippines
Järvsö Winter Pride, Järvsö, Sweden
Georgian Pride, Barrie, Canada
Pride Boden, Boden, Sweden
Rainbow on the Plains, Hay, Australia
Trans Pride Scotland, Paisley, Scotland, UK
Bygdepride Ørsta Volda, Ørsta, Norway
CSD Weiden, Weiden, Germany
ENC Pride, Kinston, North Carolina, US
Innisfil Pride, Innisfil, Canada

Meanwhile this is the list of Prides that have been postponed:

Manatee Pride, Bradenton, Florida, US
Tampa Pride, Tampa, Florida, US
Phoenix Pride, Phoenix, Arizona, US
Roanoke Pride, Roanoke, Virginia, US
Miami Beach Pride, Miami, Florida, US
Pride of the Americas, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US
Long Beach Pride, Long Beach, California, US
Los Angeles Pride, Los Angeles, California, US
Boise Pride, Boise, Idaho, US

Of these, Manatee Pride says it will move to 23 May, Tampa Pride has rescheduled to 30 May and Boise Pride to 12 September. However, with Prides as late as July postponing or cancelling, it is not clear if these dates will move further.

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