New Savage Lovecast: "It's Not Our Intention to Feed Our Dog Come, But It's Happening"

Episode #698 — March 10, 2020 by The Stranger

Sometimes people call us when they're drunk. Sometimes they call us about their dogs. Welcome to the center of this Venn diagram. Also, a woman has been invited to a "costume wedding." She will be required to dress up like a character in a movie. Is this asking too much?

On the Magnum version of the show, it's a super-weird "What You Got?" with an evolutionary reproductive biologist who mulls over the *possibility* that the animal kingdom is teeming with same-sex behavior. Not just the homo penguins. And, a young woman is turned on by much older men. How can she score a silver fox without looking like gold digger?

A snippet:

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By The Stranger

2 years ago

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