Jakk Fynn Releases ‘Cancelled’ EP and ‘Special’ Video

He’s ready to break sonic waves. Musician Jakk Fynn is a pop singer on a mission to redefine masculinity on his own terms and for society at large with the release of his first EP that places the transmasculine singer at the forefront of new musical territories rarely explored today. The southern Californian’s aim is to reconfigure the status quo in mainstream music. 

Debuting on March 4, 2020, Cancelled is a collection of dance tracks that is rooted in punk and hardcore, but definitely encapsulates the Latinx’s singer’s love of pop music. The emotionally charged lyrics drive the narrative, with the songwriter addressing topical issues such as abandonment and loneliness, while fighting to living in truth. 

The 5-track EP is anchored by the reggaeton-infused single ‘Special’, which comes with a music video that confronts the issue of feeling alone directly, peppering the message with the resolve to soldier on and search for peace. The album as a collective is an interpersonal sonic exploration on relationships, both romantic and platonic. Jakk’s personal journey and inspiration for this album involved romantic feelings for a friend and the feelings that resonated once met with rejection. In response to the heartache, Fynn remained single for a year to learn from the experience and work on himself.  

Jakk notes that we all have trauma and that specifically for the LGBT community, we need to understand how to use coping mechanisms to survive any downfall in life. Cancelled also include the single ‘Fire’, which breaks down how society suppresses gender fluidity and sexual identities on its members. As the child of Mexican immigrants, Jakk believes in the power of music to confront the toxicity in social narratives while simultaneously uplifting audiences and placing a spotlight on a community that is not always accurately portrayed in heteronormative culture. 

Fynn’s ambitious project is a steppingstone towards impacting pop music in a substantial way – there has yet to be an internationally recognized transmasculine star, but with a growing fan base and positive buzz across several LGBTQ outlets, the singer is well on his way to breaking the sonic waves and inspiring other queer artists. 

Cancelled track list:

  1. Fire
  2. Walk Away
  3. Heal
  4. Special
  5. Don’t Go
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By Triston Brewer

1 year ago

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