New Research Suggests U.S. Adults Are Moving on from Monogamy

While the idea of being romantically involved with more than one person at the same time may seem strange to some, it is not a concept that is totally alien in the world of relationships.

After all, it is something that we have seen emerge in celebrity circles due to the likes of Bella Thorne, who was famously polyamorous with rapper Mod Sun and YouTube star Tana Mongeau for a period and is now thought to be seeing both Mascolo and Alex Martini. Furthermore, there has been growing coverage of the concept in the media, with a recent episode of House Hunters for example featuring a so-called ‘throuple’.

Now, new research has emerged which suggests that, rather than being wary of setting aside traditional ideas, America as a whole may well be coming around to the idea of moving on from monogamy.

Intriguing findings

A study published by YouGov at the end of January revealed that just 56 percent of people across the US would now say that their ideal relationship would be completely monogamous. Intriguingly, the figure represented a drop from September 2016, when 61 percent of respondents said the same.

The poll found that 32 percent of US adults would regard their ideal relationship as non-monogamous to some degree, with 43 percent of millennials stating that to be the case. In addition, 23 percent of US adults currently in a relationship admitted it was non-monogamous to some extent, while one in eight added that they had engaged in sexual activity with someone else with the consent of their primary romantic partner.

Millennials were also found to be less likely than other generations to say that a partner’s desire to engage in sexual activity with someone else would not be okay, with just 56 percent of people in that age group stating they would be unhappy with it.

A shift in attitudes

Such findings are clearly eye-opening and provide a fascinating insight into changing attitudes around relationships at the moment. But just who may be best suited to a polyamorous relationship and how can people engaged in one ultimately try to make it work?

In an article on non-monogamy, dating social network Badoo has suggested that the idea may be best for people who are sick of others getting jealous or being demanding of time in ways that cannot be met. The site also suggests it might work for those who have felt like they have had to pretend they do not find anyone else attractive while in a relationship, as well as for those who feel they are missing something that a partner cannot provide.

However, Badoo adds that the key to making non-monogamy work is being open to all parties, ensuring all needs are met and maintaining clear boundaries that ensure the well-being of everyone involved.

Changing times

While many people still believe in the traditional idea of a relationship between two individuals, it is clear that times are changing. Non-monogamy may not be for everyone, but it is clear that more people are considering the idea as they seek to find happiness in their personal lives.

The findings of the US study are fascinating and it will be interesting to see how such matters develop in the future.

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By Eboné Bell

2 years ago

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