We Now Have a Dance Remix of That Super Gay Laura Dern Tribute

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We deserve this.

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One of the gay highlights of 2020 so far has, without a doubt, been the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles paying tribute to Laura Dern at the Independent Spirit Awards.

In case you missed it, you’re in for quite the treat. The performance starts off as a collection of all the unofficial gayest moments from cinema this awards season, but gradually turns into a celebration of Laura Dern somehow consistently being the gayest part of literally anything she’s in, from Big Little Lies to Marriage Story and all the way back to Jurassic Park.

And if you’ve watched the video over and over again, which basically all of us probably have at this point, then it’s entirely possible the biggest disappointment is knowing it’s not enough of a banger to transition seamlessly into something played at gay clubs across the world.

But fortunately, the GCMLA heard our cries and remixed this year’s #1 hit in our hearts into a song worthy of the dance floor.

You can skip ahead 35 seconds if you just wanna get straight to the music, or you can also just go ahead and check it out on your favorite music streaming platforms.

And of course, NOW our only complaint is that we're missing the powerful vocals of Alex Newell that really made the original performance pop, but we're grateful to have two wonderful options for listening to this masterpiece. Although we really do need someone to match the remix to videos of Laura Dern, stat. K thanks!


We Now Have a Dance Remix of That Super Gay Laura Dern Tribute

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