Lesbians Troll Antigay Protestors With Kisses at New Zealand Pride

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Now THIS is how you clap back at homophobic protestors! 

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Queer women clapped back at homophobic protestors at Auckland's Gay Pride Parade with the best expression of love.  

In a now-viral video, preacher Phillip Blair, the infamous leader of Torch of Christ Ministries Church, can be heard shouting, "You are controlled by the devil" at nearly 7,000 parade attendees as they pass. Blair went viral last year after yelling things like, "We care more about saving the whales than we care about saving our unborn children," on a Sydney train. 

Women began to make out in front the protest in a bold stance against his hateful statements and as The Advocate reports, Blair's bullhorns were promptly drowned out by the supportive crowd's screams of, "We’re here! We’re queer! Get used to it."

Blair was later asked to leave by the police as the crowd cheered. 

The video was posted on Torch of Christ Ministries church's YouTube channel with a warning for "lewd sexual acts, partial nudity, troubling images, and other sexually suggestive content" that are "is not suitable for most children to watch."

"We did our best to approach people with the fruit of the Spirit while also standing firm on God's truth," the caption reads. "Many people did very vile and lewd sexual acts on the camera while later having a conversation with us because of the conviction of sin that set in."

PRIDE decided not to link the video to avoid giving the church the attention/views they so desperately crave, but here are a few pictures:


The gays win again!


Lesbians Troll Antigay Protestors With Kisses at New Zealand Pride

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