A Dad Threw a 'T-Versary' for His Trans Son & It Was Way Too Cute!

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THIS is what supportive parenting of an LGBTQ+ kid looks like!

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#GenderIdentity#LGBTQ+Activism#Viraldad-throws-party-for-transgender-son.jpgRaffy Ermac

Need a quick break from all the shitty, sad news and the stress of this damn election cycle? Well here's a heartwarming story that will surely melt your ice-cold hearts and restore some of your faith in humanity!

Meet Dave. 

Dave is a Canadian, a gamer, a father of two, and a loud and proud transgender ally.

In support of his 16-year-old transgender son, who began hormone therapy a year ago this month, Dave helped throw a 'T-Versary' party to celebrate, and it looked to be one of the purest, most wholesome things we've seen on Twitter (which is usually a hellscape) in a while.

"So this month my 16 year old son started testosterone. Today he’s throwing a one year T-Versary," Dave said in a now-viral Twitter thread. "My kitchen is full of teens playing ‘beer’ pong and aching mock-tails, and we’ve got the chocolate fountain going. It’s a happy place."

Sharing updates throughout the night of the party, he continued: 

"Lots of love to everybody out there, remember you guys are valid, no matter how you transition or what your journey entails. Stay safe everybody."

"We're touched by the love shared here, in Twitterverse. Love is Love. Trans Rights are Human Rights."

Whether you're a parent of an LGBTQ+ kid or not, everyone should be a little (or a lot) more like Dave.


A Dad Threw a 'T-Versary' for His Trans Son & It Was Way Too Cute!

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