A Homophobic Pete Buttigieg Voter Just Found Out He's Gay

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Talk about being misinformed...

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#PoliticsActivism#Gay#LGBTQ+pete-buttigieg-homophobic-iowa-caucus-voter.jpgRaffy Ermac

Here's something you don't really see every day: in less than the time it takes to fill out an election ballot, an Iowa caucus voter immediately regrets her support of Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg (you know, the country's first openly gay presidential candidate) after finding out he is, in fact, married to a man. 

In a video of an incredibly awkward exchange with Buttigieg precinct captain Nikki Heever during this week's Iowa caucus, the unnamed homophobe asks "So are you saying that he (Pete) has a same-sex partner?" 

When Heever replies yes (it's common knowledge that Pete has been married to his husband Chasten since 2018 and the two have been together since 2015), the woman then says "I don't want anybody like that in the White House!" before going into the predictable religious, Bible-thumping talking points that usually accompany people who share her point of view. 

She then asks if she can take her vote back, but it's unclear whether or not she was able to.

We know presidential campaigns gain and lose followers every minute of every day, but to see it happen in real-time sure is something, especially in such a blatantly antigay way...*sigh*

Word to the wise: maybe you should be more informed about a candidate if you're thinking about voting for them???  


A Homophobic Pete Buttigieg Voter Just Found Out He's Gay

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