Ebony Black Addresses White People in Poem "The Talk"

By guest writer Ebony Black

synonymous with love
but let me try you —
oblige you,
a reality that just has to be,
an anomaly to some
but the truth

To acknowledge
is a step
don't mean you’re “woke” just yet
It takes a blissful ignorance, 
some would say belligerence, 
to deny the history that took place just to deny the feeling of guilt —
the — “Oh no, this feels bad,” and “That wasn't me, I didn't do that.” 

Sweep it under
just move on —
to that cat video or something safer.
Because it's easier to see the part you play.
especially, when it's all on paper

It's Black History Month and before you go, 
I just have to tell you,
let you know —
Don't just quote the same shit. 
Ask a negro, 
you know,
that black friend you think you can go... to-
because you've taken the time
to truly diversify your circle,
outside of ‘ hello- goodbye.’
If you have one of us as a friend-
no mask,
the comfort to have not pretend,
ask them if you've ever offended, 
and wait for that pause….. 
as they decide if to it water down and justify,
weigh the options...
Because who wants to be the ”drama starter?”

So this month,
let's not review
the same three stories we like to chew
and regurgitate — 

because the only way stop the hate
is to sit,
You best believe it's going to take
more than a ‘like’—

What it takes may hurt,
but wait
the realizational sting
is a necessity
in order to be —
the next biggest step,
a better move
to be better than those before
— to take a whip, 
— a lick of your pride

We beseech,
that you may be behoove,
away from your screens,
look to those you know
approach, sit down
and ask to be taught.
Ask for forgiveness-
for forgiveness for what you may have once thought.

Tell them, 
and I mean this,

”Excuse my ignorance 
but it is my desire to learn this
to educate
Myself — to know if there's anything I've done 

to perpetuate
racial ignorance,
so that I too can be one of those who are- 
aware of the little things
which are the things
that pileup and begin...
to sing...  to scream
— cry out
like an abused spouse- or friend
who, in the end
of EVERY story,
we praise and clap
for them to speak out so that they can grow...”

Because to acknowledge,
to rescind,
to take a step back,
the introspection,
look within

A month is nothing to a lifetime
when all that's changed
is the amount of concealer,
taped up,
same pain though...

Do not sit ‘color blind’ for the world is not so.

The fabric softener used to keep your eyes blinded, 
away from the truth
is woven from the same Foundation who took our kin
and a bound us because of skin
to pave the way for YOUR families to have, to this day- 

And please,
before you huff,
get all mad,
Offended and stuff-

Think about it,
even now,
with the day to day; 
do you 
have to
worry that someone else may be afraid
that you'll  rob them
hurt them,
even if you're dressed for church-
wig STRAIGHT, eyes low.
Fear The Confident Negro —
that’s what they’ve taught us

and now…
that we've come to stand straight,
come to be proud of our appearance, 

the hate that rises
And the truth we deny is,
as heads lift,
backs straighten,
we dare to be bold...

Like time has shown us
the history before us,
trembles at the sight of something different,
something new,
something challenging
that could change the view,
— the perspective
— the vision
create a variable
— take the ordained average
and steer askew.

Fear not confrontation,
it's indefinite —
not necessarily permanent.

Black History Month is a chance
to learn and educate.
Bring positive change. 

Eboni Black is a poet and spoken-word artist passionate about inspiring people, bringing people together, and opening minds.

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