Pro Hockey Player Zach Sullivan Comes Out as Bisexual

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He's thought to be the first pro player to come out as bi.

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Professional hockey player Zach Sullivan has come out publicly has bisexual.

Sullivan, who plays for Manchester Storm, shared his truth on Twitter over the weekend.

“With this being the first ever EIHL #PrideWeekend I feel now is the best time to speak about what I have known for many years,” he wrote. “I have battled with mental health problems over this issue and with the support, understanding and acceptance from my family, friends and teammates, I finally feel ready to say; I’m bisexual.”

#PrideWeekend #ICanPlay #YouCanPlay @officialEIHL @Mcr_Storm

— Zach Sullivan (@ZachSully11) January 26, 2020

He continued: “I have never been more proud to wear a jersey before, especially one that celebrates all gender identities and sexualities.”

According to the BBC, Sullivan is believed to be the first pro ice hokey player to come out publicly as bisexual.

“If I can be open and honest about my sexuality, then hopefully that will give other hockey players around the country the same confidence to do the same,” he said.

His teammates and fans seem to be rallying around him, with his team captain, Dallas Ehrhardt, noting that they “100% have his back.”

“The hockey world is a tight-knit supportive community and when something as important like this happens, the whole sport gets better,” Ehrhardt said.


Pro Hockey Player Zach Sullivan Comes Out as Bisexual

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