This Gay Teen's Plan to Troll Trump Rallies Is Actually Brilliant

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The mastermind behind #EmptySeatMAGATour talked to Out about how a tweet trolling Trump rallies became a hilarious reality! 

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Can a joke on Twitter about trolling the President's rallies became a big, hilarious stunt IRL that makes national headlines? This 17-year-old Twitter user is proof it can!

When Twitter user Noah took to the social media site earlier this month to share a brilliant plan to reserve a bunch of tickets to future Trump rallies in an effort to block the seats from 45's fanbase, he didn't think people would actually go along with it—but as it turns out, his plan really did become a reality! 

"My coworker was talking to me about how weird Trump’s website is. It’s kind of...not like cult-y but sort of Utopian looking?" Noah told Out's Mikelle Street about how it all came to be. "I decided to go on there because I had never been, and I wanted to see what was there. I see that they are having a rally and you could buy tickets. So I wondered how much they cost. When I went to the ticket website it said that they were free and I was like, “Oh?” Like...anyone with an American phone number can reserve a ticket. I posted about it on Twitter as a joke, saying that it would be horrible if people bought tickets and didn’t go."

Apparently, Noah's plot worked, with some news outlets reporting that a recent Trump rally in New Hampshire last week had many, many empty seats and the #EmptySeatMAGATour hashtag started trending soon after.

"I really didn’t know if it would work or not, but according to articles I saw, there were all these empty seats, but they weren’t letting anyone in," Noah said. "My only logical conclusion is that it’s because of this, that since we had all these reserved seats, they couldn't let people without a ticket in, even if they were true fans. Even when it was blowing up, I didn’t think it would happen. I just thought it was a joke that the Trump PR people would have to read all of these tweets. I was sort of trolling them."

Read Out's full interview with Noah here!


This Gay Teen's Plan to Troll Trump Rallies Is Actually Brilliant

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