Why 'POSE' Is the Most Important Show on TV Right Now

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#TV#Entertainment#TransActivism#LGBT#RyanMurphy#Instapose-fx-pride.jpgTaylor Henderson

Earlier this month at Billboard & The Hollywood Reporter's first annual Pride Summit in Los Angeles, the cast of POSE weighed in on why the groundbreaking FX series is the most important show on television right now. 

Boasting TV's largest transgender cast, the series has kicked down glass ceilings since the show's inception. Just a few weeks ago, stars Billy Porter and Dyllón Burnside made history playing two HIV+ positive black men sharing a sex scene together, a first on television. 

The hard work of the cast, crew, and writers paid off because POSE was nominated for six Emmys this year including Outstanding Drama, as well as a nod for Billy Porter as Lead Actor.

Burnside, alongside Angel Curiel, Indya Moore, Hailie Sahar, and Mj Rodriguez expressed their excitement for the momentous honor and being part of a show that is changing lives. 


Why POSE Is the Most Important Show on TV Right Now

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