Jeremy's Coming Out in 'No Good Nick' Is Emotional AF

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No matter how hard you plan, sometimes the "perfect" coming out is the one that just happens unexpectedly.

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Part 2 of the first season of Netflix's original family series No Good Nick was released earlier this week, and viewers were treated to a queer surprise when one of the show's characters officially came out as gay.

In an emotional scene in the ninth episode of Part 2 entitled "The Box Job," Jeremy Thompson (played by Kalama Epstein) is seen trying to plan the perfect coming out to his mother Liz (played by TV legend and Sabrina the Teenage Witch alum Melissa Joan Hart) and sister Molly. Because of some technological glitches, things don't go as smoothly as he hoped, and Jeremy starts to get teary-eyed and upset, saying nothing he plans works out.

The intense anxiety and fear about coming out is something nearly every LGBTQ+ person goes through, so it was nice to see a family show perfectly capture the awkwardness of wanting to coming out in a "perfect" way. 

Fortunately for Jeremy, his mother and sister are extremely accepting and comforting. 

"We love you, and we are so proud of you," Liz tells Jeremy after he reveals his sexuality. "I'm so glad you told us." 

Season 1, Part 2 of No Good Nick is currently streaming on Netflix. Watch the trailer in the video below. 


Jeremy's Coming Out in No Good Nick Is Emotional AF

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