'Andi Mack' Star Joshua Rush Comes Out as Bisexual

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The Disney Channel actor took to Twitter to confirm his sexuality.

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In a thread posted to Twitter earlier this morning, Disney Channel star Joshua Rush just came out as bisexual! 

The 17-year-old actor is best known for playing Cyrus on Disney Channel's Andi Mack, and he recently helped make history when his character became the first on the children's network to actually talk about being gay.

"Instead of feeling the courage to tell you today that I am an out and proud bisexual man because of the character I played for four years, I feel that courage thinking of all of you, who felt emboldened by Cyrus to come out," he said about his coming out.

Welcome to the family, Joshua!


Andi Mack Star Joshua Rush Comes Out as Bisexual

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