Judy Tenuta to Receive Vegas Star

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I am a very lucky fella! I got to hang out with THE Goddess, Judy Tenuta, the leader of Juudyism! Actually, I get to sit at the feet of the Goddess.  The lovely and talented comedian and actress, Judy Tenuta, and I got together for a nice meal at Jerry's Deli in the valley in Los Angeles, although a speck of food never touched the Goddesses' lips, and we had a nice chat. It could happen! It actually DID happen! 

Michael: Judy!!

Judy: Michael!!

Michael: You're getting a Star on the Las Vegas Strip! Wednesday, November 7th, in front of Paris Hotel Resort & Casino. How exciting! Tell us about it. How did it come about?

Judy: Lets go back in time ... Ooooohhh! As you know, I have a strong connection with Siegfried and Roy, It could happen! 

Michael: That's KINKY! 

Judy: Ha! Also, I have been headlining in Vegas casinos since 1988, including Bally's, The Sahara, The Sands, Harrah's,  and of course the Paris! While working in Palm  Springs, I was introduced to  Bob Alexander, who is the president of the Walk of Stars in Vegas, and he said, "Judy, you must have your star in Vegas" I said, "Yaaasssss! Tell  Trini Lopez to move over! Woohoo!"

Michael: Oh, I love Trini Lopez! Lemon Tree, Very Pretty... Anyway, you've been doing this for a long time! How'd you get your start? You're from Chicago, yes? Is that where you started doing stand-up?
Judy: Absolutely. I started around 1978 when I was only 5 ... do not doubt the Goddess!  At that time, Chicago became a hotbed of Comedy! The first time I ever went on stage was at the Pickle Barrel, introduced by fellow Chicagoan, Tom Dreesen . 

Michael: He's GREAT! 

Judy: Yes! Then I headlined at Zany's, The Comedy Cottage, The Comedy Womb, any place that had the word "Comedy" in it…I was there!

Michael: Did you ever have any crazy hecklers? How did you handle that? 

Judy: It's like riding a horse. You must NEVER show fear! Of course, I am the Goddess, so I fear nothing! There may have been a few drunken pigs, but I immediately exile them from the Temple of Juudyism! 

Michael: Wow! More recently, you've done three seasons of the web series, "Child of the '70s," playing three different characters! Has that been fun for you? 

Judy: I Loved it! So much fun, so much talent, and of course, you, Michael Vaccaro!  You're a doll! You were in one of my very first videos, "Slutvinka: How to be a Bond Girl!”

Michael: I remember it well. I played "Valerie Bertandernie!" OK, so, what's upcoming for you? I know you're working on your own movie! Can you tell us a little about it? 

Judy: Yes I am working on a film, but then of course, I got distracted and bought a house, so I have to go back to the film, or maybe I’ll do the film IN my new house, which would work out great, because I play a real estate agent who is psychic and a little possessed! What a stretch!! It could happen!

Michael: I believe it WILL happen! If anybody in Las Vegas would like to visit Judy and ME, please join us in front of the Paris Hotel and Casino on the Vegas strip on November 7th at 2:00 PM! It's her BIRTHDAY, too! Bring The Goddess some cake!