Mike Pingel, publicist to the Stars, has A LOT going on!

Meet the owner of Rainbow PR who is also a "Charlie's Angels" fanatic!

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I’m here in a chic, new boîte in beautiful downtown West Hollywood, California with my dear friend, Publicist to the stars, Mike Pingel, having smart, delicious cocktails. Ok, so the truth is, we’re in a dump, I’m having Happy Hour well drinks, and slurring my words. Mike is having milk, I think. 

Michael: So, let's start with "Charlie's Angels." I know you’re a fanatic! Did you love, love, LOVE the show growing up? Can you tell us about your friendship with Farrah? Was she your favorite Angel?

Mike:  Yes, I love, love, LOVED the show when I was growing up.  I started watching “Charlie’s Angels” in the fall of 1977 when the show moved to its 9pm time slot.

Michael: Oh! You didn’t see the Farrah season! 

Mike: I was too young to watch at 10pm during the first season. I, like the rest of the world, fell in love with all the Angels and their weekly cases.  Along with watching the show, as a kid I bought puzzles, games, trading cards, posters, magazines, t-shirts.  I always wanted the “Charlie’s Angels” dolls, now I have those dolls and own one of the largest collections of “Charlie’s Angels” memorabilia in the world.  I have also written two books - “Channel Surfing: Charlie’s Angels” & “Angelic Heaven” -  on the show, I own and run CharliesAngels.com, I work with many of the actresses and yes, I was Farrah’s personal assistant for two years. Farrah was not only my boss but a close friend.

Michael: So… favorite Angel?

Mike: the rumors are true, Farrah was not my favorite Angel from the show.

Michael: Oh, my God!

Mike: My favorite was Kris Munroe who was played by Cheryl Ladd.

Michael: Oh, the younger sister!

Mike:  Ladd replaced Fawcett in the 1977 season. Farrah always loved to tease me about that fact!  I think Farrah really liked that Cheryl was my favorite Angel from the show.  That said, Farrah was an amazing actress, mother and human.  She was so down to earth and we always had a fun time.  I miss her still today. 

Michael: I agree. I think Farrah was a very under-rated actress. So… my favorite Angel was, of course, Kate, and Shelley comes in a very close second, but for very different reasons. I could sit here all night with you and talk about Shelley Hack. But then we’ll all get sad and depressed. But, speaking of "Charlie's Angels," tell us about "Chico's Angels."

Mike: I’m the publicist for the hit cult theater show, “Chico’s Angels.”  Chico’s Angels are not only three beautiful ladies but are a combination of the three stooges and TV’s “Charlie’s Angels!”  The Angels are made up of three Hispanic actors in drag, Kay Sedia, Frieda Laye and Chita Parol, who work for pennies (pesos) for their never seen boss, Chico.  Their show is 2 two-hour comedy/musical where they pay homage by incorporating “Charlie’s Angels” episodes in their scripts.  If you live in Los Angeles or anywhere near by, and have not seen “Chico’s Angels,” put it on your list of things to do this year! They will be back at the Cavern Club Theater this summer!   

Michael: You know, I dated one of Chico's Angels very briefly, until I ended up blacked-out in a back alley in Tijuana, but that's not a story I want to tell here. Tell me about being a publicist. "Rainbow PR." That’s your company. How’d that happen?

Mike: Charlie’s Angels!  I was working with an artist friend on my first CharliesAngels.com website. The website went live in 2006, and three months later it was picked Website of the Day on Yahoo.com and my traffic went crazy.  The traffic was so massive, it even shut down the site for a few hours! I was asked to be on many shows, so I had to learn how to handle my own PR.  I self-taught how to write a press release and my life as a publicist was born.  I became the head of PR for the board-game “Battle of the Sexes” for Imagination International.  After that, I moved to Solters & Digney PR, and after that, I ventured into freelancing. I work with a great small list of wonderful clients including Life Group LA, Chico’s Angels, and Julie Brown’s Homecoming Queen’s Got a Gun, just to name a few.

Michael:   OK, so full disclosure... you do PR for my cologne, "Proteus." It's delightful, isn't it? Say yes!

Mike: Honestly, it is – I’m wearing it right now!

Michael: I can smell it!

Mike:  I have done PR for some really high-profile clients, such as The Harlem Globetrotters, Pat Boone, Farrah Fawcett and now CBTcandle.com, another dream client.  CBT Candles is always running great specials.  The celebrity soy-candles include scents by Alison Arngrim (Little House on the Prairie); Kathy Garver (Family Affair); Dee Wallace Stone (E.T.), Carolyn Hennessey (General Hospital) and don’t forget “Child of the 70s” star, Michael Vaccaro’s “Proteus” cologne in the CBT Candles Cologne line.

Michael: You’re too kind! Ha! OK, so, you live in West Hollywood, as do I. What's your favorite thing about our fun, little city? 

Mike: I love that everything is walking distance right out side my door. A few of my favorite things in West Hollywood include lunch at Kung Pow Bistro, One Stop Auto for all my car needs, The Gym Bar is my favorite local bar, Panini for pizza, Movies at Sunset 5 … just to name a few favorites. West Hollywood has so much to offer from the Rock & Roll, great shopping, fantastic restaurants, fun bars for everyone, and don’t forget the wonderful people.  West Hollywood is a nice place to visit but even better to live here! 

Michael: We should get you a job doing PR for the city! I’ll make a call. Don’t you worry. Tell us a little bit about your online interview show. 

Mike: It’s called The Mike Pingel Show. I have no idea how I came up with that name.

Michael: It’s brilliant! 

Mike:  I started the show last year to keep me out of trouble and work on my interviewing skills. I have done over 20 interviews which include authors, actors, comedians, non-profits, heathy gurus.  I hope to launch season three very soon. Anyone reading this who would like to be a guest – let me know. I would love to chat with you about your passions, achievements and dreams!   I really enjoying chatting with people and finding out what makes them tick and promoting my guests.

Michael: You know we’ve been here all night, and they’ve actually run out of vodka. So, before they kick us out, tell everybody how and where they can find you.

Mike: I’m Mike Pingel on Facebook, Instargam and Twitter.  I have a soon-to-be updated website at www.mikepingel.com and check out www.themikepingelshow.com and www.rainbowpr.biz 

Michael: Thanks so much, Mike Pingel!