Interview: Cosplay Queen, Anyonka, to host first eSports Tournament at Sin City Classic in Las Vegas

The Gaymer Cosplay Queen will be the host of the first Gaymer competition inside The Wall Gaming Lounge at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino

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eSports is the newest sport added to the worlds largest LGBTQ annual sporting event, the Sin City Classic. Gaymers will join over 6,500 athletes during MLK Weekend in Las Vegas for four days of events and parties! On Saturday, January 19th Anyonka will host gaymers as they compete to win the title of the first ever Federated Gaymers League tournament. We had a chance to interview Anyonka Virgon, our favorite queen of cosplay!

What is your name in drag and where does it come from?

Anyonka Virgon and it comes from a few places. Anyonka is from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but the incorrect spelling actually comes from gaming, back in the hay day of the show that username/gamertag was always taken so the O replaced an A and its been the same ever since. Virgon comes from one of my drag idols Raja, who used her sign for the last name Gemini. I'm a Virgo and also love Battlestar Galactica so in the show, the planets have horoscope names, so Virgon it was. 

How did you initially get into gaming?

As a kid got to watch my siblings play all the games, then once I got to a certain age I started demanding I get to play. I remember one of the first ones they let me play was Killer Instinct. Went right for Orchid, cause duh. As a young gay, I was always attracted to the female characters. Now I cosplay all those strong fierce women!

What are some of your favorite games?

Well, the game I talked about earlier and how I got my name was World of Warcraft. I've played that now going on 13 years! Jeeze I feel old. I also really love Overwatch, another Blizzard game. Their diversity has been such a refreshing thing in the industry. I love Borderlands, Bioshock, Halo, Destiny, Silent Hill, Bayonetta, Legend of Zelda, Super Mario anything. How much time do we have I could go on and on. 

How does gaming fit into your drag?

I actually host gaming nights. Where people can play tournaments, or trivia, win prizes, and enjoy video game themed looks/performances.

What are some of your favorite LGBTQ representations in video games?

One of the ones that stood out the most to me was Borderlands. Mad Moxxi, Tiny Tina, Axton, Mister Torgue were all great examples, but Sir Hammerlock stood out the most. A hunter, a gentleman, and the way his sexuality was approached is a non-issue. Dragon Age has also had a litany of great LGBT characters, but Dorian Pavus was a great one. I preferred to play as Vivian as a main, but watching Dorian and Iron Bull romance was great fun! The Last of Us had some great LGBT representation. But probably Overwatch is my favorite at the moment, especially with the new announcement about Soldier 76. And can we talk about Juhani from KOTOR? One of my first experiences with a queer character in a game and I usually play females so the lesbian romance was very appreciated.  Again though how long we got?

What's your least favorite part about drag?

Probably just the judgment. Sometimes I'm looked down upon for the cosplay drag, and I don't understand it. People are dressing like Britney Spears and I'm sorry honey but that's cosplay. Drag is cosplay. Also, treat drag like a buffet line. Pick the foods you like, walk past the food you don't, but don't spit in it and ruin it for other people who might like that food. You don't have to like all forms of drag but respect the art. 

What is your worst habit as a gamer?

How long we got lol? I'm a clicker in World of Warcraft, *braces for the mob and pitchforks. Over preparing for boss fights and then using none of it. Going too fast and needing to appreciate storylines more. Going too slow and appreciating them too much lol. 

Desert island lipsync song?

That's a hard one. My heart says Marry the Night by Lady Gaga, but I'm probably going to have to go with Rupaul Call Me Mother. Just because it's so versatile. I use it for Daenerys, Peggy Bundy, I plan to use it for Ashabellanar/Flemeth. So yea lets go with that.